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Cyber Security

Cyber Security is now unfortunately a necessary requirement, and businesses of all sizes need to protect their data. 


Our core IT Support package includes a range of services to help keep you protected.

How Secure Is Your Business?


Over half of businesses suffered at least one cyber attack in last 12 months.


One in five firms attacked say it was enough to threaten viability of the business.


95% of all cybersecurity incidents are successful because of human error.


The average cost of an attack on a business was around £13,000.

How Do We Protect Your Business?

Advanced Endpoint Protection

We protect your devices with advanced, enterprise-grade, next-generation antivirus.  Our solution is named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for endpoint protection platforms.

Threat & Vulnerability Scans

We provide threat and vulnerability management for your managed devices so we can ensure your applications and operating systems are always secure.

Password Management

All of your supported users benefit from a managed Password Manager.  Users will never again need to use insecure, repeat passwords.

Managed Backup

All business critical data is backed up securely.  This includes your on-premise data as well as your emails, SharePoint and OneDrive data.

Dark Web Monitoring

We monitor the Dark Web to identify any compromised business accounts.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Your systems are monitored 24/7 by a team of expert analysts using the latest managed detection and response software.

M365 Monitoring & Management

Your Microsoft 365 system is monitored and managed 24/7.  Our management system applies best-practice security baselines to your organisation and alerts if any settings deviate.  The system monitors your system 24/7 and alerts us to any unauthorised login attempts and compliance risks.

Cybersecurity Training

All supported users will receive ongoing cybersecurity awareness training, delivered electronically.  In addition, we perform phishing simulations to assess employee vulnerability.

Policy Management

We provide a Policy Management platform to help you deploy and maintain important company policies.

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CyberSecurity Training
For Your Staff

The biggest risk to any business is their employees.  Your staff are the last line of defence against cybercrime, so it's important that they are trained to know what to look out for.  We provide Cyber Security Training to all supported users, delivered electronically via short, light-hearted videos.  To find out how Netko IT can help your employees spot the signs, click the button below.


Get your Free

Cybersecurity Essentials for Business Owners

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