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Managed Backup Services

Your Data, Our Priority

What Are The Threats To
Your Data?

Your data is arguably the most important aspect of your business, and is likely to form the basis of everything you do.  Unfortunately there are so many things that can put your data at risk and as such, it is vital that you have reliable, secure backups of your data.

Accidental Deletions

Ransomware and Malware

Hardware Failure

Data Corruption

Data Theft

Lost Devices

How We Can Help

Microsoft 365 Backups

Our Microsoft 365 backup solution backs up your email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams data up to 6 times a day.  All backups are retained indefinitely and can be restored in minutes.

Virtual Machine Backups

If you have servers on-premise, we will back up your entire virtual machine(s) to local and offsite storage.  All backups are verified and test restores carried out regularly.

Known Folder Backups

Users' Documents, Desktop and Pictures folders are backed up to OneDrive.  This mitigates against hardware failure and lost devices.  OneDrive itself is then backed up independently for additional protection.

Cloud Services Backups

Not all cloud services are automatically backed up by the provider, with the onus placed on the end user to implement a solution.  We can advise on whether third party backups are needed and help in implementation.

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