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Proactive IT Support
Business Remote

Our Business Remote Plan is ideal for businesses wanting unlimited remote support and to know that their IT systems are being proactively monitored and managed 24/7.  

Business Remote

Remote Monitoring

Managed Antivirus

Managed Updates

Automatic Remediation

Annual Technology Review

Unlimited Remote Support

Microsoft 365 Admin

Microsoft 365 Monitoring and Alerts

Microsoft 365 Backups

Password Manager

Security Awareness Training


Per User/Per Month*

  • Remote Monitoring
    All of our managed workstations and servers get our lightweight management agent which proactively monitors your device 24/7 for hardware issues such as high memory utilisation or low disk space, antivirus status and much more. The agent also enables us to perform routine maintenance silently without affecting your users, as well as providing us with remote support tools such as screen sharing and task management.
  • Managed Updates
    We provide ongoing management of security updates for your devices to ensure your devices are always secure. All operating systems and third party software contain vulnerabilities that if left unpatched, can provide hackers with the means to access your systems. Companies such as Microsoft and Google are constantly monitoring for these vulnerabilities and regularly release updates to fix them. Our systems allow us to manage these updates so that your devices are always up to date. As well as Windows updates, we also manage updates for key third party applications such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Java, Adobe and many more.
  • Managed Antivirus
    Our standard antivirus solution is fully managed and monitored 24/7 by a team of security experts. The solution uses Microsoft Defender which ranks as one of the best antivirus applications available, and is backed up by a proactive threat hunting service which goes beyond standard virus checking. Our security team are actively checking for signals that indicate unusual behaviour, changes to key system files and ill also check for the presence of potentially sensitive, unsecured data.
  • Automatic Remediation
    Our management agent will automatically fix certain issues when detected on your devices. For example, if free disk space falls below a defined level, our system will automatically perform certain tasks to free up space. Other events will trigger a script to resolve an issue, or automatically create a ticket for our support consultants to follow up.
  • Unlimited Remote Support
    Our helpdesk is available Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm, except for bank holidays. Our Business Premium support package comes with unlimited remote support so you can call us as much as you like! We are able to resolve around 95% of all issues remotely, sometimes without affecting the end user at all. Our remote support isn't just there for when you have problems, we are also there to answer any questions you might have or provide advice on how to do things more efficiently. In short, if you have anything that you want to discuss, we are always very happy to hear from you.
  • Microsoft 365 Support
    Our Business Remote and Business Premium packages include support for Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 forms such an integral part of your IT systems, and requires ongoing management for things such as onboarding new users, offboarding leavers, creating aliases, shared mailboxes, distribution lists, Microsoft 365 Groups, tracing emails, blocking unwanted senders etc.
  • Microsoft 365 Monitoring
    Given the importance of Microsoft 365 to businesses, it is vital that your Microsoft 365 infrastructure is monitored 24/7 and sends alerts for anything untoward. Our Microsoft 365 monitoring and management system enables us to set best practice security baselines, alert on any deviations from the baseline, alert on suspicious activity such as logins from untrusted locations. Our monitoring solution has helped us detect and remediate unauthorised logins within minutes which has prevented potentially damaging activity within the users' account.
  • Microsoft 365 Backup
    Microsoft don't provide true backups of your data and in their terms of service actually specify that customers should implement third party backup solutions. Our Business Remote and Business Premium support partners benefit from Microsoft 365 backups of their users email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams data. The backups are taken multiple times each day and have unlimited retention. All backups are stored in secure datacentres separate from the original Microsoft data and can be restored quickly and easily.
  • Password Manager
    All Business Remote and Business Premium support packages include a Password Manager. Business Premium partners also benefit from additional features including dark web monitoring and advanced reporting. A Password Manager provides each user with a secure way to create strong random passwords without ever needing to know what they are. The only password your users will need to remember is the password to their vault, and even if they forget that, we will be able to reset it for them. By using a Managed Password Manager, users can securely share passwords for shared accounts, and should a user leave the organisation, we can block access and transfer all passwords to their manager. As an added benefit, all supported users also get a personal account for storing their own personal passwords.
  • Security Awareness Training
    All Business Remote and Business Premium partners receive ongoing Security Awareness Training for all supported staff members. Training is delivered every few weeks and only takes between 5 and 10 minutes per module. The training modules include a lighthearted, animated video with a few questions after. Training is important to improve the users' awareness of potential threats and help them to spot dangers when presented to them. In addition, we also provide a platform for policy management e.g. Acceptable Use Policies, Anti-Malware Policies, Clear Desk Policies and many more.
  • Workstation Installations
    Business Premium partners benefit from free workstation installations when we purchase a computer on your behalf. We will carry out the installation for you at your office if located locally to us, or we'll carry out a remote installation if the user is further afield. The workstation will be setup in accordance with our best practice checklists which are created specifically for you. This includes all Windows updates, driver updates, standard third-party applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader, Line-of-Business applications and any other specific customisations that may be needed. We will also configure the users' profile for things such as Outlook customisation, printer setup, Taskbar shortcuts and OneDrive Known Folder Backups.
  • Onsite Support
    Our Business Premium package includes Onsite Support in addition to the standard Unlimited Remote Support. Onsite Support includes free site visits when a problem can't be resolved remotely. This may occur when the issue is that the end-user device has lost network connectivity, or the entire site is down due to a failed router or network switch. Whatever the problem, if we can't fix it remotely, we will arrange to come out to site. Onsite Support is available to all of our support partners, but is only free to Business Premium customers. If you are on a different package, then the visit would be chargeable, and would be agreed prior to the visit.
  • Who is the Monitoring and Management Package For?
    Our fully featured support packages offer fantastic value and a complete suite of services designed to keep you running safely and efficiently. However, we appreciate that some smaller businesses may just want to make sure their systems are protected, up to date and know that they have a point of contact should any problems arise. This is where our Monitoring and Management package will help. We install our monitoring and management agent on your device(s), which then enables us to detect any potential hardware or service issues, and push out the latest updates once assessed. In addition, our managed endpoint security software ensures that your computer is always up to date, and any potential security issues are reported back to us. Our team of security analysts are monitoring your security 24/7 and will take action immediately should something be detected. Finally, by having our agents running on your devices, we are able to offer a discount on all remote support services we provide. By making us your point of contact for all IT related issues, we get to know your systems, and you get to know us.

* Per User pricing assumes one device per user.  Additional devices such as laptops and desktops will incur an additional cost of £12.50 per device, per month.

Our Business plans require all users to have a Microsoft 365 Business Premium licence, or a Microsoft 365 F3 licence if not needing desktop versions of Office.

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